Helping you care for your chinnie

Teeth problems

Chinchilla teeth never stop growing. For this reason they need wood to nibble on. What normally goes wrong with chinchilla teeth is that they grow tool long or grow skew. The easiest symptom to recognize this by is that the mouth and front paws are wet and stay wet. This is called slobbers. It can only be fixed by a vet. To prevent this they need hard wood to chew on, but even then it can still happen. Another sign that there are problems with the teeth is a sudden weight loss. Just remember that weight loss can be a sign of other ailments and must always be treated as serious. Healthy chinchilla teeth are yellow. If the teeth are any other colour it is better to take it for a checkup. Even a chinchilla that never had any teeth problems can develop them with old age. Once again, know your chinchilla and its habits.