Helping you care for your chinnie

Open wounds and cuts

If your chinchilla lives in a safe environment wounds are normally the result of fighting. Fighting can occur when trying to pair up two incompatible chinchillas. You do get chinchillas that just will not get along, like Ozzy Osborne and Mother Theresa. It can also happen that a pregnant female attacks her mate. We all know how unpredictable pregnant women can be. We have two sons so I speak from experience but I love my wife dearly for it.One of our chinchilla pairs have been together for two years and were expecting their third litter together. Juliet was due in two weeks when she attacked Romeo and all but killed him. We found him early the next morning with half his one ear gone, one eye badly damaged and his whole head full of cuts. We took him to Dr Odendaal and the prognoses weren’t good. First he had to save Romeo’s life. He survived and a week later his one eye was removed. It is now almost a year later and he is going strong with a new mate.