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About us

We are Danie and Andrea Delport and live in Pretoria, South Africa. I saw chinchillas for the first time in my life in a pet store in 2004. We bought the pair and named them Cheeky and Chilli. We got no information from the pet store and I realized there is a lot to learn. My search for knowledge gave birth to this website.

In October 2005 I broke my neck in a terrible motorcycle accident and almost died. With the grace of God I made a miraculous recovery but it took time. Today I am retired and Andrea is a teacher. My love for chinchillas grew faster than my recovery and I spent a lot of time researching and learning from top breeders. I 2006 I took in my first “rescue” chinchilla, Scarlett. That day I realized I will do it for the rest of my life.

I was fortunate enough to learn from top breeders in Europe before I started breeding seriously. It helped me make the right decisions and avoid common mistakes. I currently have 30 breeding pairs and trio’s and breed pure Standard, the original single mutations like Hetero Beige and White, Ebony and Black Velvet. The recessive mutations intrigues me and I breed Violet, Sapphire and California Recessive White. I also recently started breeding Royal Persian Angora. My main aim with breeding is to give pet owners strong and healthy pets that will live long and happy lives. For this reason I only breed pure Standard and the original “single” mutations. I do not mix mutations and do not breed the newer mutations that have more than the original one pair of genes.

Babies only go to the right people and none of my adults will ever leave here. I am not a hobby breeder, the responsibilities are far too serious. More than half my cages are dedicated to neglected, unwanted and old chinchillas I take in and care for till they die. They come here to retire. I don’t have a registered shelter, they are all pets. This is far more important to me than breeding and the income I generate allows me to take care of them all.

In 2007 I started mixing and selling my own chinchilla food, MiniMagic. Two years ago I was able to add sepiolite bath dust to the range of products. I don’t do anything else. With the support of my wonderful wife and sons I am able to dedicate all my time to caring for my chinchillas, doing research and sharing the knowledge. I write an awful lot on my Facebook page and am always willing to answer any questions and assist in any way I can. Knowledge is meant to be shared with everyone. My baby chinchillas, on the other hand only go to very special people. Chinchillas are not a hobby, they are a lifestyle.