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Average chinchilla prices in South Africa

This is just an indication of what most people ask. I explained in the past why prices differ and why a breeder like Willie will not sell the whites that took 4 generations to get to the quality they are at these prices. Just like I will not sell a Std that is 5th generation pure just here and come from a pure bloodline before I got them for the same price a back yard breeder sells theirs. Some breeders (very few) plans and work very hard to achieve better qualities, both in looks and in health. I don’t advertize my prices because I still help people who need a friend for a lonely chinnie at lower prices. The prices I then ask is not a true reflection of their value and they are confidential. I decide on the price according to the situation.
Std Male: R 500-R1 200.
Standard female: R 1 000 – R 2 000
Hetero Beige male: R 500 – R 1 200
Hetero Beige female: R 1 000 – R 2 000
Homo Beige male: R 1 000 – R 2 000
Homo Beige female: R 1 000 – R 2 000
White (basic mutations): R 2 500 – R 6 000
White (TOV and Ebony): R 4 000 – R 6 000
Ebony Carrier: Same as Std or Beige
Ebony (light) male: R 1 000 – R 1 500
female: R 1 500- R 2 500
Ebony (medium) male: R 1 200- R 2 000
female: R 2 000- R 3 000
Tan: The same as Ebony.
Ebony (dark) Male or female: R 3 500- R 5 000
Black Velvet: R 4 000 – R 6 000
Brown Velvet: R 4 000 – R 6 000

“Funnies”: We don’t breed them and won’t ever sell them. I have no idea what they cost and am not interested.
Recessives (Violet, Sapphire, etc): Not sure, mine will not be cheap because I will get very few, from carriers.
Royal Persian Angora: I don’t know. In my opinion, the prices should be in line with international prices.

These are just indications, I might also have forgotten a mutation. These are not the prices we ask. Willie determines the prices of my chinchillas, except the people I help with pets. Our prices are not based on color, it is based on quality. Quality is determined by the show qualities, which are still far from on par with the world but already a huge improvement. More important, they have a history of generations of good breeders that stay healthy and do not have complications.

Prices will fluctuate with supply and demand. If there are a lot, like now, the prices will drop. Our prices do not fluctuate.

There are very good chinchillas from small breeders available now at low prices. Some of them are my friends. They will take less money in order to find good homes and I respect this.
I try to help them find homes, people just don’t read and don’t realize the difference. It takes a long time to establish a good reputation. I can’t guarantee a chinchilla from any breeder but I know if they breed right and care right, the risk is a lot lower.

I do guarantee my own babies. If they die of a genetic fault that was impossible to see, I replace them. In the past 3 years I replaced 2.

Quality doesn’t play a big role yet simply because people don’t realize the difference. We help the people who do realize it and I will help people with pets. I won’t speak for Willie but I know what he does when it is a special situation. It is enough for me to know, I don’t have to share it.

There is a lot of competition and a lot of babies. Because of all the babies you can buy what you want, you don’t have to buy what a breeder tells you to buy.

Comments from breeders

“The breeder that breed for quality is making way less than the norm , the reason for that is , you pair according to certain qualities , said that , currently I sit with 6 males (4 whites + 2 ebonies ) unpaired and 5 females (2 ebonies + 2 beige + 1 white ) unpaired , will not pair them just to breed , i do wait for the right partner to breed better quality then they are , costing me money , the end result on corrective pairing make a huge impact on quality , a breeders name and future sales in chinchillas”

“I like and agree….a good home is far more important than making money on these beautiful creatures”