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The show qualities : the compact version


The absence of red or yellow pigmentation in the fur. The color must look “clean”, eg white must be white, not yellow. It’s how pure the color shows.

Fur density

How thick the fur is. You can see it but the best way is to feel it. It is determined by the amount of hair per follicle.


The most difficult to get and the most difficult to see. Nothing to do with color, both a White and an Ebony can have it. It’s like a blue “shine” on the color, an “aura”.


How dark it is and mow much it covers. In a Std it will be the dark on the head and back. The darkness is the shade, light, medium, dark, extra dark. The coverage is how far down the body it goes.


How pure the white is, how straight the line is and the inverted “V” or triangle it makes in the hip.


Body shape. The posture, how the chinnie “carries” itself. Is it stocky or long and thin? Is everything in proportion? There must be no “V” in the neck. When drawing a line from eye to nose to eye and between the eyes, it forms a triangle and the legs must be the same length.


The length of the body from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. Breeders try to breed them as big as possible. It can be unnatural, by adapting the diet. A normal weight for a male is 400g to 600g. A normal weight for a female is 600g to 800g. Some are naturally bigger but they tend to be slow breeders.


How smooth the fur is. Does it look like silk or like steel wool?


When you blow on the fur if eg a Std, you will see the grey under fur, closest to the skin. Next there will be a white line. This is the bar. It can be wide, narrow, shallow or deep. Good bar is pure white and forms a straight line, it makes a clear white stripe.


How the color of the fur is distributed. Is it mottled, full of spots like granite or is it an even color? The color must not be “broken”. My chinnies are all priming. This gives them a mottled look that will go away when they get their winter fur. In the pics of young ones you can see it is an even color, indicating better texture.


Qualities like bar, blueness, veiling etc is fine tuning. It makes the difference between a show winner and an ordinary chinnie. Qualities like size, patterning, conformation, fur density and texture reflects on health.
Overall health is always more important than the show qualities and it can be sacrificed to achieve better qualities. Good qualities reflects better genes but fine tuning takes years of careful planning.
I don’t know if I got them all, I wrote from memory. I posted a complete document with pics about this.

Light Tan girl. Good fur, good face shape, good size and good posture. Smallish ears. She will be a good girl.

Light Tan girl. Good fur, good face shape, good size and good posture. Smallish ears. She will be a good girl.