Helping you care for your chinnie

This site is dedicated to chinchillas. I strive to provide chinchilla breeders and pet owners with accurate information to promote the health and well-being of these amazing animals.



Everything. When I started this website it was to help others and share what I do. It was not to promote my products or chinchillas.
I am a serious breeder and my results are great because I applied what people taught me. There is nothing educational in taking my best chinchillas, grooming them, posing them for pics and sharing them. The internet is full of that.
I share how they live and what they do while they live. There are no pics of groomed chinchillas held by the tail or in a small show cage. I understand that but don’t do it. There are pics of dirty cages that were cleaned a week ago. There are pics of chinchillas so full of dust you can’t make out anything. I show how they live, behave, sleep and raise their kits. I show what happens to the parents and the kits, good or bad.
I have a lot of chinchillas I took in over the years, some I bough and some I bred. I don’t distinguish between them because they are all my pets. When I take them in, they become mine. If they have problems and it can help others, I will share it. If something happens to one I bought or the kits, I share it and explain what happened. I share sick chinchillas right next to breeding chinchillas.
When they prime and the fur looks ugly, I share it because other people will realize it is normal and their chinchillas are not sick. If I take in sick ones to heal and am allowed, I will share it. I can’t explain everything every time. It goes about the problem and the education, not my image or reputation.
To do this is not easy. As a breeder you take a hell of a hammering. People read selective or just look at the pics. I can’t be bothered with that and I will not start a page just to promote the chinchillas I breed. There is educational value in that too. What you see shared here is what you see when you visit me. I show visitors everything, there is nothing to hide.
As long as it can help a single person or chinchilla, I will share it. If people are too thick to realize that I will not make the mistakes I take care of for so many years or doubt my breeding decisions, they can go to hell. They don’t have the balls to share this. All we see are the very best ones. Where are the rest? How big was the litter? what were the parents? What happened to the other kits? How do they actually live? What are they fed to get them so unnaturally big? How old do they get? Where are the old ones?
It happens and it gets hidden, nobody must know. No tell me, how does that prepare owners and breeders for the realities of owning chinchillas or breeding with them.
Give your best shot, I had it all, took it all and am still standing proud. Sick ones actually recover here and live long lives. It is harder to achieve this than to put 2 together and get babies. Any idiot can buy 2 good chinchillas and pair them.
I will forever share everything and tell everyone exactly how it works. It is educational and actually helps people.